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MIG Wires (MIG) and Cored Wire (FCAW)

Classification AWS Description Current Measures
Microwires Solid For Carbon Steel. (MIG PROCESS)
ER 70S-6 Microalambre copper plating for general purpose, high productivity, used with mixtures or CO2. MIG / MAG, for the manufacture of bodies, furniture, metalwork, general construction. C.C., V.C, P.I. 0.035, 0.045, 0.052
Solid Stainless Steel Wires. (MIG PROCESS)
ER 308L High production manufacturing, Mig process similar to stainless steels of any thickness applied in the food, petrochemical and similar industry. C.C., V.C, P.I. .035, .045
ER 309L Solder used in the automotive industry, for mig process, high production processes. C.C., V.C, P.I. .035, .045
Wires For Carbon Steel Tubular. (FCAW PROCESS)
FCAW E-71 T-1 Cored wire for welding in all positions by the FCAW process. Used in places of manufacture boats, pailera, structure, etc. Electrode using a protective gas such as CO2 gas to a mixture of 70/25 Ar / CO2. C.C., V.C, P.I. 0.045, 1/16
Wires And Fluxes For Submerged Arc (SAW PROCESS)
EM 12K Wire with excellent tolerance to contamination, for manufacturing structures, bridges and exposed to pressure vessel. C.C., V.C, P.I. 3/32, 1/8
EM 13k Excellent productivity in simple steps and multiple C.C., V.C, P.I. 3/32, 1/8
A wide range of fluxes, active and neutral, for use in multiple steps, or contributions special. C.C., V.C, P.I. 3/32, 1/8

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