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Stick Electrodes (SMAW)

Classification AWS Description Current Measures
Electrodes For Carbon Steel Coating Cellulose.
E 6010 High penetration every position, Storage with radiographic quality, manufacture of lightweight structure, coachwork. C.D. , POL. INV. 3/32,1/8,1/16,5/32
E 6011 Electrode strong bow and deep penetration. C.A./C.D., POL.INV 3/32,1/8,1/16,5/32
Electrodes For Carbon Steel Coating Rutile.
E 6013 Smooth and stable arc, easy to use and high performance, excellent slag removal. Welded farm machinery, metal furniture, coachwork and general repairs. C.A./C.D., POL. INV./ POL. DIR. 3/32,1/8,1/16,5/32
E 7018 Low hydrogen electrode with high content of iron powder for welding in all positions. C.D., POL. INV. 3/32,1/8,1/16,5/32
E 7024 High mechanical properties, high performance application, radiographic quality, used only in position flat and horizontal. C.A./C.D., POL. INV./ POL. DIR. 1/8, 5/32

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