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  • Mission

    Our commitment is to fully satisfy our customers and shareholders, be leaders and develop to achieve excellence, with the support creative and responsible participation of all the people who make up the Grupo Industrial Monclova

  • Vision

    To be the leader in Mexico in the marketing of goods for cutting and joining of metals, highly competitive and profitable, recognized for excellence in the quality of its brands, products and services.

  • Values

    Meet commitments to inspire confidence in our behavior. Doing the right thing by acting with honesty and integrity in accordance with the ethical and social standards. Staying true to one's principles, being consistent between what one thinks, feels, it is said and lived.

    Optimize the use of available resources for obtaining results. Avoid wasting time and materials.

    Search all our actions satisfaction and loyalty of our customers. Permanent care for the quality of our products do so at the lowest possible cost. Consistently contribute to wealth creation.

    Supporting each other in order to obtain the best results. Listening and taking into account the views of all. Harnessing the talents and abilities of people respecting individual differences. Promote solidarity, friendship, harmony, cooperation and coordination among us.

    Consideration and recognition of the value of self and others. Taking into account the rights, interests, feelings and needs of human beings treating them with fairness and justice. Apply it to ourselves, our neighbors, our work and our company.

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