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We have 10 years experience in the market, with 9 branches in different cities of Mexico. The first branch was opened in 2005 in the city of Monclova, Coahuila offering a range of products for the metalworking industry welding products, safety equipment and abrasives.

We distinguish ourselves in the market by offering our customers a variety of products with strict quality standards in production, offering not only commodities but also specialized to meet business demands.

We also offer a range of services with our highly qualified staff, so that our client make the best decision based on their different production processes such as painting, cutting, welding, grinding, roughing, finishing, among others, helping them to identify more cost -benefit.

Our strength lies in the knowledge and expertise of our people, beyond the technical, help in decision-making with business vision and senior leadership with our clients.

We have workshops for field tests that guarantee the quality, durability and ergonomics of our products.

Our products are used in various markets such as:


Petrochemicals in the construction of offshore platforms

Manufacture of railroad cars


Metallurgy in the steel industry



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